Being Mormon

‘Hangry’…Get me food soon!

Photo Credit: Niklas Rhöse

We all suffer from this in my house. It’s when your stomach is so hungry that it takes over your actions and only angry comes through.

The first time I heard it used was by my friend Karen and I laughed so hard that it stuck. I thought she made up the word but you can find it in the Urban Dictionary along with other words like Galories, mommyfied and klazomaniac.

When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

An amalgam of hungry and angry invented to describe that feeling when you get when you are out at a restaurant and have been waiting over an hour to get the meal that you have ordered.

Damn! Where is that steak I ordered? We’ve been waiting for an hour and a half here. The service here is terrible! I’m starving! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel really hangry!”
by Michael Francis January 15, 2005
Before I knew the word hangry, I use to tell W ‘I’m in my reserve’, which meant GET ME FOOD SOON!

W and I were married in December of 1998. We worked hard and saved all our money. We ended up saving $50 000 USD and in April 1999, after selling most everything we owned but treasures and memories that sat in boxes at dear friend’s house in Oregon. We gave each other the world. We backpacked around for 9 months…heading from America, through Europe, into Morocco, and finally Australia…Melbourne. Where we settled and started a little life for ourselves.

My friend Karen also says Mt Clothius. It’s the word she uses to explain the out of control pile of clean clothes on her couch, that has accumulated waiting to be folded.

I remember our own Mt Clothius I grew up with. If the clothes occupied the couch you wanted to sit on, you just sat on top of the pile. My mom hated it but we needed a place to sit. It never occurred to me that I could help her out and fold them.

That won’t occur to my own kids either, I better go fold some clothes. See ya.

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