Being Mormon

Mother’s Day 2017

Flower-The-boy-made-for-Mother's dayHappy Mother’s Day to all women…to the ones who don’t yet have kids of their own but adore their nieces and nephews, to the ones who are desperate to have children but for one reason or another it has not happened for them…yet (keep faith), to the mother’s desperate to be grandmothers but your grown children are still not ready, to the ones who are not maternal and are not interested in having your own–thank you for contributing to all our children’s lives. Happy Mother’s day to the mother who was up all night last night looking after their child who needed your comfort to get back to sleep and to the mother’s who will be mothers in the next lifetime.

Whether we have children or not, we are all mothers, and that is a very special honor.

A special Happy Mother’s Day to my momma…

to the one who raised five of us on her own. She was our father and our mother and has been there for each one of us in her own special way. She has always made me feel loved and a part of something special. Our family. As crazy as it was at times growing up together, we all love each other unconditionally. Thanks for teaching us unconditional love momma.

My Mother’s Day…

All I wanted for Mother’s Day was to go to church, share lunch with my family and then cuddle up on the couch with blankets while we all watch my new DVD…

I knew I was getting LA LA Land on DVD because I only asked for it over a hundred times.  So I knew, well hoped they had listened to me and I would open it up on Mother’s Day, but I got so much more…

The girl bought me a journal, pen & a beautiful frame that I can put my kid’s pictures in. Then I learn that she spent her own money on buying all these things. so beautiful, so sweet. My twelve-year-old spent her own money on a present for me. I was so touched my this gesture because I know how hard she works to earn it babysitting.

The boy made me a flower and wrote something special on each petal, drew a picture of me and (in his words) bought be the ‘bestest Mother’s Day gift of ever’…a necklace that only a picture could explain…I wear it around the house, often.

Love-heart-necklace-Mother's Day-giftimg_5769.jpg

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