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Man-bun or ponytail?


Here is my W from behind. He was making pancakes on Saturday morning…I snapped this photo but got busted when he heard the click. He just laughed because he knew I was up to no good.

W has been growing his hair out. The last time it was this long our daughter was four and when he had his hair cut she didn’t recognize him. His hair is now past that awkward stage, but a few months ago I would tell him he needed a haircut. Then he would dodge the next series of questions.

“Are you growing it out?”

“Do you want me to make you an appointment?”

“What the heck is going on with your hair?”

The questions always went unanswered. I let him off the hook, knowing he was growing it out again.

A few months ago, I was sitting in class and I got a text from one of the girls in W’s office. He had gone to work that day with his hair up in a hair-tie. The girls loved it but teased him of course. The text said:

     “Is it a man-bun or a ponytail?”

My reply:

   “a sexy sexy man-bun”

Oops! I chose wrong. But in my defense, I love his man-bun (and especially the man that is attached to the bun). Embrace the man-bun I say!

But this got me thinking…is it a man-bun or a ponytail? After asking a few guys about the difference that they understood, it seemed the ‘man-bun’ was frowned upon by guys.  I turned to the all-knowing Google search…and I learned that indeed W has a ponytail. I was wrong! (honey I was wrong, and the girls in your office may be wrong too).

A Ponytail has hair hanging out of the hair tie where a man-bun has the hair tucked up all nice and snug still inside the hair tie.

What do you think?

Is a male with long hair that pulls it back or puts it up…is it a man-bun or a ponytail?

By the way, the pancakes were delicious honey, ponytail or not (insert love heart).

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