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Thank you. Uni.

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So here I am really out there on the web writing and publishing my own stuff. I never thought of myself as the ‘blogging type’, but here I am cutting my blogging teeth. And I’M HAVING LOTS OF FUN TRYING TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT!!

Thank you to all those wonderful friends who gave me a shout out on their own socials. I appreciate it and I’m humbled by your sweet words about me and to me.

Just a little post to say thanks. This all started as a university assignment, my major assignment for my Creating Digital Content class, that is due this Sunday (28 May 2017) …Eek!  But it’s really become much much more.


I went back to university last year, in 2016 and I love every min of it! My little man started school in February 2015. I was so excited about his first day of school. My first day of freedom in over twelve years! (I have a four-and-a-half-year gap between my kids).

I had his first day all planned out. I was catching up with some other moms after school drop off at a cafe around the corner. Getting a massage, then go home to a quiet house to watch one of my favorite DVDs and read my book in peace. It was a lovely day and it went too fast. But when I dropped him off at school for his second day, I went home and cried. I missed him desperately. Everything I try to distract myself with didn’t work. Laundry, vacuum the house, make lunch or watch TV, they all made me miss him more because he was my little buddy, we did those things together… and the day dragged on, 3:30 pm didn’t come fast enough.

So, after a few months of feeling sorry for myself and playing way too much Plants vs Zombies on the iPad, I got up and did stuff.  I only felt sorry for myself on the days I didn’t work. If I was distracted, I was fine. I joined the gym, invited people to lunch, and found projects off my to-do list I had not gotten to in years.

One day when I was volunteering at the school canteen with another parent. She talked about how busy she was since she started uni again. I asked her what she was studying…

     “I’m doing Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT”

My heart sang!

Now I need to go back a little…seventeen or eighteen years, life before kids (I can barely remember that life). I worked next door to the State Library in the city. On my lunch break, I walked over to check it out. When I stepped into the Latrobe Reading Room, I had this overwhelming desire to be a student again. I brushed it off because who wants to ever go back to school, no sane person. But I held on to that feeling and often went to the library on my lunch breaks looking for peace and solitude.

The ceiling inside the dome in the La Trobe Reading room

State-Library-La Trobe-roomWhen I had made the decision to apply for university, I was scared and nervous. I had written a lot for myself in journals but writing for others is a very different thing entirely. I had to write a thousand-word essay on anything—a sample of my work and five hundred words on why I wanted to take the course. I submitted it on the last day it was due and started to breathe normally again. Sort of. I had thoughts about what was I going to do if I didn’t get accepted. I didn’t have a plan B.

Months later I got a letter asking me if I could come in for an interview. I was so excited! I wasn’t in yet but this was a good sign. I am a people person—I do my best work in person. The interview was fun and I felt relaxed once it started, however, I was very nervous leading up to it.

A few weeks later, I was accepted! I couldn’t believe it! Then the heavy reality of it all started to creep in…homework, assignments, due dates. Then a few months before my classes started, I was called as the Relief Society President in my ward. Are you kidding me? I felt overwhelmed even before I started and considered deferring. But I didn’t. I got down on my knees and prayed about it. A warm peaceful feeling came over me and I knew that I was going in the right direction. I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat with a big smile ever since (buckled in and enjoying the ride).

I love being in Relief Society and how it has brought me closer to the Lord and all the sister in my ward. I have found balance in my calling, university, work and family life. The first year was tricky going back to university and it only could have happened with the support of W. He stepped up helping with school drop-offs and pick-ups when I was at uni.

W and the kids’ relationship has blossomed even more and the kids now ask for us both equally.

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