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Hello Malaysia. Hello SLUDGE!

Photo Credit: Vald Shapochnikov

Two years ago we went to Malaysia with another close family that we adore. We’ve known S&B since before the kiddos came along. Our families get along well and we’ve done lots of camping already, but this was our first overseas trip together.

We love each other so much that we combined our last names to make one last name for our extended family…we are The Raslee’s. Made up of two mom’s, two dad’s, two girls and two boys (besties from birth)…perfect really!

IMG_3224W and I had never been to Malaysia before but we love travelling to anywhere really. We loved it! Loved the weather, loved the activities, really loved the food and really loved the kids club. We drank fruit drinks out of bags, danced in the elevators, took long walks off short rickety peers and we definitely avoided durian at all costs… (because it smells like feet!-P.U.)

We did crazy things like, hang out in the pool all day, shopped at the knock-off markets (I got a fake Montblanc), and had massages from little competing old men on the beach, who could tell us everything about our future health issues by feeling our joints and cartilage. We paid to have the dead skin eaten off out feet by tiny fish, it totally tickled! (Ours was not as nice as the one in this video but it gives you the idea), we ate at the same shack-of-a-cafe for lunch every day, explored the art in George Town and bought a cheap snorkel set for the boy.

One night after dinner, the two moms went for a foot soak and leg massage down the road from the hotel. The dads took the kids back to the rooms to get ready for bed. We sat next to each other and enjoyed our pampering. We were only going to be an hour or two at the most, checking out the night markets along the street on the way back.

Now my good friend B, enjoys lots and lots of things (she’s awesome like that), however, ‘conversations that open up your insides and explore the deeper feelings of why you are the person that you are today’…aka a Deep and Meaningful, is not one of them. So I was very surprised (and extremely proud) when she asked me a question about something quite deep and meaningful, an o.p.e.n  e.n.d.e.d question…I LIVE FOR D&M’S! So of course, I took her question as an invitation. An invitation,  TO.  GO.  THERE.

I am always happy to go there, on a moments notice, I’m there. At 9:00 am, I’m ready. Ready, set…I am already there. Get my drift? I LIVE MY LIFE ALREADY THERE. Need to talk deep? I’m your woman.


we unpacked our feelings and

went there.

IMG_3039It was wonderful! We talked during our pampering, we talked looking through the night markets, we talked walking into the hotel lobby. We were not done talking so we went outside and set up camp at an outdoor table, admiring the blue ambient lights of the swimming pool. We spent almost four hours talking about everything! While we chatted and chatted…our husbands took turns combing the streets of Penang looking for us. Almost sure we had been kidnapped and forced into female slavery. They took turns to look after the sleeping children and ready to receive the ransom call any minute.

We only finished our chat because we noticed we had been gone for twice as long as we said. We were big girls but didn’t want them to worry. So we quietly went back to our rooms knowing they would have been fast asleep not worrying about a thing. oops!

So the next morning at breakfast, I looked forward to seeing my B. We had shared so much. B came to breakfast late and when she did come, she couldn’t make eye contact with me. (ah oh!) Later by the pool, I asked her if she was okay.

She felt SLUDGY. Ya, that’s right. SLUDGY. That is her word. She explained it like this… “You made all the sludge that I had pushed down come up and I didn’t want it floating around the surface. I want it pushed down where it belongs.” She felt dirty.

Photo Credit: Filip Bunkens

My B is a snowglobe.

Here is my definition of SLUDGE…

S ⇒Share your

L ⇒learnings.



⇒growth about yourself and

⇒embrace the changes that come with it.

I’m a fan of SLUDGE! Are you? Do you like to shake your snowglobe? or are regular D&M’s important to break down the debris before it settles on the bottom? What do you think?


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