Simply me.

me. no makeup and no capitals (nothing fancy).


i love…

being a mother and a wife. motherhood is the hardest and best job i have ever had but the most rewarding.

takeaway (takeout for the americans) on a friday night.

the sound of my apple mac when i turn it on (it sounds like ‘Ahhh’-like it is about to reveal something amazing…and it is).

i can’t get enough of the great outdoors. i love camping!

music. i always have music playing (especially 80s music). it grounds me. it helps me feel deeply. a song can take me back to a memory.

listening to christmas songs in June (because it is winter here).

books. i love reading them, being surrounded by them. books make me smile. libraries (especially old libraries) make me come alive!

movies. i love how movies can take you places. even if it is just for an hour or two.


lotion, I’m a self-confessed lotion-acholic.

after church, how we eat lunch together as a family. we sit up at the table, talk and play board games. i love board games. we let our silly sides out. (it is also our day to unplug-no electronics!)

writing. all sorts. journals or otherwise.

i love my family and adore my friendsi am wealthy in my friends