Who’s who in my zoo…

Even though my name is all over this blog, I’ve decided to protect the innocent by giving nicknames to those I write about.

the glossary…

‘W’ –my husband. W stands for Wesley (from the Princess Bride) but I tell him it stands for ‘Wretched unbeliever’ a line from James Taylor’s song Gaia. Go on have a listen, it’s one of my favorites. ‘wretched unbeliever’ comes up 4 min and 54 seconds into the song. Nearly at the end.

‘The girl’ or ‘The teenager’ — my daughter

‘The boy’ or ‘My little man’ — my son

‘T’ — my little brother, whom I love and adore. Love you, T

‘Mom’ — is my mom

‘S&B’ — our good family friends here in Melbourne. Not Mormons but they are pretty awesome! Our eight-year-olds are besties-knew each other in our tummies.

Nicole — is my Nicole Bell. My good friend who was here in Australia while her husband was studying and now has (sadly for me, but awesome for her family) gone back to Missouri. I’ll visit her one day soon.

The Steel Magnolia girls — the other mothers I work with at the school canteen who I laugh and cry with.

Miranda & Charlotte — my besties that I have known for over 16 years. We worked at Sensis together and have been honest great friends ever since. We even got pregnant at the same time so our kids could grow up together and we could have endless playdates together.

The Double D’s — My Uni girls who I can’t get enough of…Love you, girls!

Birdy or Gal — My kindred twin, we went to Uni the first time together (and hated each other initially) but love each other so much that it hurts that we live so far apart now. Miss and love you birdy.